I don't promote any type of eating disorders, this is just my vent.
my heart is full of art, my body is my canvas, my mind is the chain that keeps me from recovery.
These are my thighs. Omg I hate them so much .

These are my thighs. Omg I hate them so much .

Anonymous asked: Do you ever remember being happy with your weight?


when i was like 11-12-13 yeah.  after that, it hasn’t always been hatred for my weight, like i’ve gotten to a certain weight and been proud of myself but i’ve never ever been happy with it

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I went over to my friends grandmas house with her to the mountains every year around Easter and it was really fun until when I was around 10 I realized she was a LOT smaller than I was, so I stared eating less and flexing my stomach to be smaller and then next year when I came back she said “Wow you’ve lost weight, good for you!” And I think that’s when I lost all happiness with myself, my weight, my shape everything